High Altitude Ballon Project

For the last few months, I've been engaging the Livonia Amateur Radio Club to launch a high altitude balloon project. This weather balloon will be equipped with an electronics payload that provide the following:

  • Tracking via GPS. In the Amateur Radio world, this is known as APRS.
  • Provide telemetry via a beacon (This is a transmission, that if you can hear it, you let us know via a form on our website). This lets us measure the range of the transmission. APRS does this automatically, but it's also fun for those who don't have APRS equipment.
  • Take pictures of a near-space environment. This is what we call "The money shot". Everyone loves these.
  • Transmits live video from the payload throughout it's entire journey. This will be have an overlay with the current GPS coordinates as well, to aid with tracking.
  • Records sensor data including internal and external temperatures and the effects of temperatures and loads on batteries.

If you'd like more information about how this all works, or the status of this project, visit http://larcballon.blogspot.com or http://k8uns.org/