I'm not a designer, and neither are you.

Let me start off by making something perfectly clear. I am not a graphics designer. I'm more of a backend developer. My typical day consists of setting up or fixing LAMP servers, architecting a database structure, writing PHP or .NET code, maybe a little image/css work.

Every now and then I get thrown a quick task of posting something to a website (in this instance, a Wordpress site). This little non-profit in Detroit is throwing a Gala & Auction event. A marketing firm was brought in to create the materials, and then they were sent to me to post on the website.

Yep. That's it. Again, I am not a graphics designer, but when I see something like that, I cringe a little bit.

After a quick word with a team member, I take it as a personal obligation to make sure that never sees the light of day. After an hour or two, these are the results. 

I personally am never satisfied with my own design work. I always feel like there's something missing, or left to do. This is the reason that I don't do graphics work. I could have spent another 10 hours tweaking each of these images, and by the time I was done, I would've completely hated them, and deleted. 

Any graphics designers out there, feel free to give me feedback. I'm always looking to learn a thing or two!